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Thank you Jerry and Jewel for sharing you're wonderful talent and ministry with us !!



Jerry and Jewel Lusher


Jerry and Jewel Lusher

Truckstop Ministries

Chapel at:  Ocala Petro

Ocala, Florida

(I-75, Exit 368)


Visit their website: www.HighwayHarmony.com

or phone Jerry Lusher at (727) - 366 - 9957 for more info



About Jer & Jewel ......

Shortly after Jewel and I were married, we knew God was calling us into something more than just involvement in our local church.  I was a trucker for 18 years and had a burden to see truckers saved.  I built a 3/4 scale cabover truck with full bunk to attract truckers and talk to them about Jesus.  We decided to get on the internet and see if there were any ministries to truckers.  We saw several, and wrote them letters.  Very quickly, we got a call back from Joe and Jan Hunter, the founders of Truckstop Ministries, Inc.  They were the only ones to respond to our letter.  We went to Georgia to meet them, and started in ministry at the Ocala Petro truck stop just a few weeks later.

We work as a team.  Jewel leads praise and worship, then she and I sing a couple of specials.  I then preach the Word and give an alter call.  We have seen salvations, rededications, strongholds broken, and many other blessings too numerous to mention here.

The Sunday service at the truck stop is only one facet of our ministry.  We have always known we would go full-time and minister God's love and purpose through song and testimony.  We have been blessed to have held Southern Gospel concerts in several states.  We have ministered in churches, coffee houses, truck stop lobbys and restaurants, homeless missions, and outdoors.  Anywhere God opens a door, we say yes!

Our mission hasn't changed since the day God birthed it in our hearts over four years ago: to follow behind Joe and Jan working with Truckstop Ministries -- starting first in Florida -- making sure all the truck stops are fully staffed with Chaplains and praise & worship teams.  We will do this by singing in churches, informing them of the ministry's needs and encouraging them to make their local truck stop an outreach of the church.  Also, by holding "Gospel Jamborees" at truck stops, we can encourage the churches to send their singers to represent them as we minister to the Christian truckers and reach out to the lost ones.  These are two ways to give local church members a chance to be involved in frontline ministry as we all work together to further the Kingdom of God.

We are trusting God to meet all our needs, so any support, whether financial or through prayer, will be greatly appreciated.  We will pray God's richest blessings on all who stand and participate with us, keeping us in full-time ministry for our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We love you,

Jerry Lusher and Jewel Lusher

Jerry needs your help ...

As mentioned, we work to partner with the local church to reach out together.  When the work begins at a location, a Sunday morning service is established.  The vision is to see a full-time Chaplain follow the call of God in leading the volunteers at that location and allowing the chapel hours to be expanded so more may be reached.

Truckstop Ministries is pleased to have Jerry Lusher serving God as Regional Director on the Gulf Coast.  He and his wife Jewel have been serving as a Ministry Team in Ocala since January of 2002.  They are active members of Grace Christian Fellowship.

As with all full-time Chaplains, Jerry is responsible for raising his support.  He needs your help through prayer and financial giving.  If you are led by God to help, please respond.


Visit their  website: www.HighwayHarmony.com

you can e-mail them at: j&j@truckstopministries.org

visit their parent website: TruckstopMinistries.org

Jerry & Jewel Lusher
Highway Harmony

Please e-mail JerandJewelMinistries@juno.com for more information.

or phone Jerry Lusher at (727) 366 - 9957

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